Are You Prepared For the Season?

Are You Prepared For the Season?

Are we able to predict arm injuries before they occur? Turns out, we might be able to. A 5-year MLB Study concluded that pre-season weakness of the external rotators and Supraspinatus is a predictor of in-season throwing-related injury.

Translation: pitchers who have weak decelerators to start the season are more likely to have an injury that requires season-ending surgery.

The team at Crossover Symmetry has performed thousands of “objective” rotator cuff tests. The word “objective” is important because it means we get an actual number. Using a medical-grade dynamometer, we test the isometric strength, in pounds, of your accelerators, decelerators as well as other important muscles.

Unlike a subjective test, where the examiner uses their hands as the force gauge, the dynamometer produces a clear and unbiased measurement showing muscular weaknesses and imbalances.

Getting objective strength numbers on the accelerators, decelerators, and other muscle groups not only paints a clear picture of your arm’s health but also allows us to track your progress.

If you have read any of our previous posts on rotator cuff strength, you know that most players have poor shoulder balance…primarily due to weakness in their decelerators. This increases the risk for injury to both the shoulder and elbow and prevents players from reaching their velocity potential.

Crossover Symmetry was created to strengthen your decelerators. Players we test who consistently use Crossover Symmetry as prescribed do not have weak decelerators because we specifically built the program to strengthen these weak links.

In fact, there is a noticeable difference in players who use Crossover Symmetry for their arm care. This is because…

1. We offer a comprehensive strength program along with our dynamic warm-up.
2. We use variable resistance to target different muscle groups more effectively. So the bigger muscles get a greater resistance, and the smaller muscles get a lighter one…this is more effective for building a balance in strength rather than targeting everything with just one band.
3. We strengthen the functional movement patterns needed for sport…not just your basic therapy exercises.

Since now is the time to be getting ready for the season… it’s important to start our Decelerator Booster program now. This program is designed to restore balance in a matter of weeks and has been built into the first 4 weeks of the Pre-Season Throwing Blueprint.

The Pre-Season Throwing Blueprint combines a progressive throwing regimen with the essential Arm Care protocols included in the Crossover Symmetry System.

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