Charity Sponsorships

We sponsor many causes and charity events around the world. Our standard sponsorship details are below.

CS Standard Sponsorship Package

Crossover Symmetry Donates:

  • One (1) Crossover Symmetry Individual System.
  • A few Crossover Symmetry T-shirts or equivalent.
  • 15% Discount Flyers for participants and attendees

If you are looking for Crossover Symmetry to go above and beyond the standard event sponsorship, please let us know.  You should  be specific as to what you want from us and what you will be providing in exchange.

Preferred Events:

Preference will be given to charity events that:

  • Are linked to 501c3 status organizations
  • Have own website and significant social media presence on Facebook, Instagram and other platforms.
  • Have been in existence multiple years (with proven success.)
  • Have at least 1,000 people (including participants) in attendance
  • Support military personnel and families.

We need to receive your application at least 6 weeks prior to the charity event date. (You should receive an answer within 2 weeks of application submittal.)

If there is a problem with the form, please send an email to