Our Mission

At Crossover Symmetry, we understand that shoulder pain isn't just pain. It's missing out on your favorite activities and precious moments.

We started with the goal of bringing effective, easy-to-use shoulder rehab directly into your home. Putting you in charge of your own rehab. And it's working – we hear every day how our system is helping people get their lives back.

Now, we're dreaming bigger: to help save 10 million shoulders in 10 years. But we can't do this alone.

The average person knows 3 people suffering from shoulder pain.

Your journey could be the encouragement they need to start theirs.

Your story matters! Please share it with others today.

We were going for strength…but got a whole lot more.

Athletes don’t play it safe. They risk it all for the opportunity to stand on the podium as the victor. Even if they do fall short, it’s only after a valiant fight, that they go down trying.

The opponent could be on the other sideline, your gym nemesis, or the competitor within that pushes you to become better each day.

If you stand among the ranks as an athlete, you go to work each day with tools to build your strength and skill….which shouldn’t be your Grandma’s rehab program. That’s why Crossover Symmetry was built—we had performance in mind. Starting with a college baseball player who had a dream to play in the Big Leagues.

Knowing his best shot at a pro-career was pitching, he enlisted his dad’s help, a respected physical therapist with a specialty of the shoulder. Together they designed a shoulder program that got a fully grown collegiate athlete, who was topping out at 85, to touch 92. Ask him what 7 mph increase fees like, and he’ll tell you…“My arm felt like a cannon.” And his pro dreams became a reality.

At the same time, his Dad was using the same system of exercises in his clinic. Seeing remarkable results getting away from the sissy stuff, and tackling pain with a system built to get athletes strong to meet their performance demands.

From back then in 2006, to now, things look a bit different.We’re now serving up performance with a side of injury prevention for over half of the MLB organizations, several NFL, NBA, and NHL teams, just about every NCAA Division-1 school, and hard pressing athletes at every level and walk of life looking to make their bodies better. No doubt the program works—there is science to back it and a whole lot of people who swear by it.

But it’s the little stuff behind the curtain that makes the system so damn effective. Things like quality equipment, that we will replace if it breaks, no questions asked. An exercise chart and a ton of training videos. Rehab programs that get athletes past pain without sitting in a waiting room. All compressed into a 10-minute training plan that gets your body ready to go. We like to say that it’s practical, structured, and efficient. The bottom line is…without these things it wouldn’t get done.

If you’re an athlete you demand a lot from your body—let us help you protect it from pain and strengthen it to meet your goals. Pick up the Crossover Primer [Here]. It combines the CS Shoulder and CS Hip & Core System, for the perfect dynamic warm-up that will prime your joints and muscles for better strength and range of motion. It’s also got complete rehab programs for shoulder, back, and knee pain.

Use it for 30 Days and if it doesn’t change how you feel and move, let us know and we’ll have it picked up for your money back. Yeah, we would be bummed, because we want to be the best. Remember…we’re athletes too.