Why Swimming Should Be In Your Training Program

Why Swimming Should Be In Your Training Program

Guest Post by Abbie Fish from Swim Like A. Fish

Crossover Symmetry and I have been partners for a long time because their training programs and swimming go hand-in-hand.  

Not only does their program help build strong and resilient shoulders for better swimming, but no matter how old or young you are, both swimming and resistance band training benefit your body, mind, and soul!

Why Should You Try Swimming for Exercise?

As a lifetime swimming enthusiast, I could go on and on about my love of swimming and why you should try adding swimming to your exercise routine.

A highlight for me is that you can swim at any age, and it's easy on the body. We see swimmers exercising well into their 80s and 90s, making this an incredible skill to have in your back pocket. 

The buoyancy of the water helps soften the effects of gravity. That means people with knee or hip problems who shouldn't be running can keep up their cardio by swimming without causing pain. 

That's one of the reasons Crossover Symmetry and I work together as such good partners. Their bands help YOU stay healthy at every age. Swimming can work in tandem to do the same!

What's To Love About Swimming? 

Like anything, victory is sweeter when the road is challenging, and swim training offers a challenge every time you hit the pool. 

Overcoming micro-challenges throughout a practice (like completing a set or fixing your technique) builds your confidence muscles. 

I find that swimmers are highly focused on their goals. 

Whether you're improving your technique, getting faster, or swimming longer, there are constantly tiny wins that will leave you feeling accomplished every time after every workout.

They also say you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with and around the pool you'll find people who make YOU a better version of yourself.

How To Start Swimming for Exercise?

Without a doubt, you should start by looking up a team or group that is already swimming together! If you're googling or looking it up on Facebook use words like "masters swimming group near me," "swimming team," or "swimming community" with the name of where you live.

One of the great benefits of swimming is that it's an individual sport that can be practiced as a team. 

If you join a Swim Club, a lot of the guesswork is taken out of the equation. Masters Swimming teams have a designated coach who will write workouts, answer questions, and help introduce you to other swimmers.

If you have any questions about your swimming journey, head to my Instagram or my Website

I look forward to being in your inbox in the coming months. 

Until next time,

Abbie Fish and the Swim Like A. Fish Team

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