The Best Evidence for Crossover Symmetry

I love my job.  It’s a small and tight-knit group, and I get to have a good amount of fun on the job but still get the challenge to learn new things daily.  Then the final touch is the opportunity to be a part of something impactful, usually conveyed in testimonials, such as the one below…


I am incredibly proud of this, and when I posted it to Instagram, the comment section grew with similar stories.  But why? 

I get asked this question daily by people who want to know what makes our program different or what kind of science we have to back it up.

“There’s magic in them thar bands,” doesn’t support it too well.  So what else explains the success of some rubber resistance bands when up against almost ten grand in medical interventions?

We didn’t invent the exercises themselves; clinicians have used them to treat shoulder pain for years.  But maybe we lucked into something with the exercise sequence, the resistance used for each movement, or the prescription on when to use it?  I know my shoulders feel different after an Activation set, and people I work with say the same, but it’s only a hypothesis regarding the underlying stimulus.

What I can point to is the need for consistency and a long-term approach.

I can only speculate about the above testimonial. There may have been signs that warranted the extra medical diagnostics, but what seemed to change with Crossover was a daily intervention toward strengthening and improving shoulder movement.  Voilà!  Shoulder pain goes away.

If we do one thing well, it’s to provide a practical and efficient way to tackle the menial shoulder exercises ( and now we also do it for the lower body with the hip & core program.)  And for most pain issues, that’s the magic bullet—a training plan that gets repeated day in and day out focused on improving stability, mobility, and motor control to tackle the hard stuff better.

We’ll keep digging into the science and sharing exciting stuff here and on our social media, but currently, I believe some of the best evidence we have are the stories of life change we’ve received.  

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