Our Mission Includes You!

Our Mission Includes You!

It will take many different programs and strategies to solve our healthcare crisis in America, but Crossover Symmetry takes its part in that fight very seriously.

For the last 100 years, our healthcare system was designed to keep people alive and working, but not much else.  

But as times change, we are demanding more than just a heartbeat.  We want to be active: to play tennis, golf, run triathlons, and workout. Whether we are 22 or 82 years of age.  

At Crossover Symmetry, we work with medical professionals who see firsthand this exploding demand from patients to maintain an active lifestyle. And with limited time to see patients, these doctors and physical therapists recognize the key role self-rehab and prehab will play in the coming years.  More and more physical therapy is being done at home as a result.

Combine these new demands from patients with the rising healthcare costs, and Crossover Symmetry is positioned to make a significant and lasting impact on people’s lives.

Our Crossover Symmetry system is currently used in over a thousand rehab clinics to treat shoulder injuries.  Our at-home equipment and programs have helped tens of thousands eliminate their pain and get back to enjoying life. But we know we can do more.

That is why we’re on a mission to help save 1 million shoulders in the next 10 years—and that includes your shoulders.

Life is about doing.  When you can’t swim, play with your kids, or golf with your friends because of shoulder pain, the negative impact on your daily life is substantial.

We want to get you back pain-fre and actively enjoying life. And then we would like your help reaching our 1 million shoulders goal.   

The average person knows 3 people suffering from shoulder pain.

Please tell those you know about your experience with Crossover Symmetry.

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