How to Spot the Fittest Person in the Room

How to Spot the Fittest Person in the Room

There are a lot of muscles of the upper back, none of which ever make the list of favorite body part.

But I propose a well developed back is actually the pinnacle of fitness!

Let me explain how…

The Gem in the Gym

Big arms are a dime a dozen, and thanks to yoga pants, a nice butt is all too common. Washboard abs do deserve some envy, but there are also plenty of candy grubbing 13 year olds with six packs.

But a jacked back represents something more!  Here are just a few reasons why your average gym rat doesn’t have contours like a Spartan…

  • A well defined back represents a balanced training program of more than bench and curls. There is a higher level of dedication that comes from regularly hitting the muscles that you cannot see.
  • Not only does a defined upper back look good, but it improves posture as well. This gives off confidence, accentuates other features (for both men and women), and keeps your head from hanging forward like a geek.

It’s not only about sitting up straight either!  Better posture requires a scapula sitting flush with the rib cage (not rounded forward or squeezed back!) A view from the back, should just reveal the definition of the many muscles holding the shoulder together, not the scapula protruding off the back.

  • To effectively train the back muscles you need great shoulder mobility. It requires a spine that extends, scaps that move, and the ability to reach overhead.  If you cannot work this range of motion, the ability fully target the back muscles will be limited.
  •  A great back demonstrates athleticism beyond just going to the gym. The best backs are actually built out of the gym by throwing, swimming, climbing, carrying, surfing, and other recreation along with hard work. While regularly going to the gym is admirable, using your fitness is actually the best way to show it off.
  • For a back that truly pops you need to be lean enough to see the muscles.  Therefore, the perfect back plan, requires the nutrition plan to back it.


An Instant 2 Point Bump

We talk a lot about shoulder pain and better performance, but our programs are also a great adjunct to any “hot body” plan.

  • Activation to set your shoulders up for better training sessions.
  • Mobility for everyday posture gains.
  • Strength for a post-workout accessory session to isolate and define those neglected shoulder stabilizers.

So let your back do the talking at your next speed-dating event, because they will be sure to notice you have the best traps in the room.  

SCAPJACKED awaits at

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