Get to Know Matt from Crossover Symmetry

Get to Know Matt from Crossover Symmetry

A while back, I shared a bit about Crossover Symmetry and how this whole thing started. It was the combined work of a college baseball player and his dad, who is a Physical Therapist.

Together, they made this shoulder program that improved his pitch velocity and got some remarkable results in the clinic for patients dealing with shoulder pain.

Then gradually, Crossover Symmetry became a business, and it’s been steadily growing ever since to support active people kicking butt… from youth sports to those well into their twilight years.


I didn’t find this job on Indeed. Instead, I was coaching CrossFit classes, personal training, washing cars, and trying to get on the mountain as many days as possible while living in Denver when I suddenly landed my dream job.

Because in the midst of all that, my shoulder was bugging me badly.  

And despite a sizeable investment in a master’s degree in exercise science, many therapy and doctor appointments, and many other treatment options, I couldn’t get rid of the pain.

Then one day, I walked into a gym looking for a place to work, which also happened to be the Crossover Symmetry warehouse, and I walked out with a Shoulder System.

I was able to fix my pain, which led me to hustle my way into a job because I was so excited about the potential.  

I love the challenge of being on a small team and having to figure things out along the way, but what makes it exceptional is that it’s a product I believe in, and it impacts people’s lives.

Team Crossover

So, I’m not a founding member, nor the captain of #TEAMCROSSOVER, but more like the equipment manager.  Here to get you what you need to have success chasing down your goals.

Thanks for reading my weekly musings.  Please reach out if you ever need help or have a great idea.  Please email or call the office.  You’ll likely get me on the other line.

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