You’re Stretching All Wrong

You’re Stretching All Wrong

Alright, Crossover Fam, it’s time to come clean with it. Despite the muscled-up athletes we share on our advertisements and our repeated use of the word “SCAPJACKED”…

Crossover Symmetry does not build muscles.

Can you use the bands in a way that will yield hypertrophy? Sure. But our programs alone are not the ticket to your beach body.

For the muscle gains or the “toned” look that you’re after, you’ll need to find those reps where you’re working a bit closer to the point of failure….and don’t get me started on nutrition.

Now that we’ve cleared the air, let’s discuss why this truly matters.

You’re Stretching All Wrong

Fitness magazines and personal trainers have led the marketing campaign that you do resistance training to build a sexy body.

So, if Crossover Symmetry isn’t doing that, then what’s the point?

One of the understated benefits of resistance training is that it can improve range of motion, but you have to train in a way to promote it.

This is one thing that Crossover Symmetry does exceptionally well, especially around the shoulder. I will attribute that to the setup…

  1. The way the bands pull from in front of the body and you’re standing upright rather than bent over or lying on a table.
  2. The “crossover” pattern adds to the motion, but those details are for another newsletter.
  3. The progression of exercises gradually builds through the range of motion to get overhead.

In total, it helps to extend the upper spine, promote scapula movement, and free up shoulder rotation.

If there is an immediate impact from Crossover Symmetry, it’s that your mobility immediately feels better.

So…Stop trying to flex!  

Instead, feel the stretch, which means you may need to go lighter with your bands and savor that end range for a bit longer.

You’re Not Only Stretching

Another underappreciated fact about muscles is that they can get stronger even if they don’t get bigger. Several mechanisms are at play, but the big one is that your brain and the nervous system improve communication with your muscles.  Basically, you learn to coordinate movement better.

Again, back to the stimulus. Crossover Symmetry is not necessarily helping you muster up all your might to press 100kg overhead. Instead, it enables you to be stronger in weak positions.

For example, your shoulder is not super strong in the 9090 positions (if you’re not familiar with the exercise, think of throwing a ball.) Compare that to rotating your arm with your elbow at your side, you’ll notice that you’re much stronger with your arm down.

Some of that has to do with the physics, but there is also a decreased ability of a muscle to contract when it’s stretched. The good news is with training, you can overcome these deficits that occur in weak positions—like when you’re arm is extended overhead or in layback.

So that’s why we have multiple resistances, and a more dynamic Strength Program (called IRON SCAP.) These things help you develop those weak positions.

The Real Gains

Maybe nobody will recognize the new you after doing Crossover Symmetry for a while. But you will undoubtedly notice the change in how your body feels and moves.

Please keep these purposes in mind as you go through the program.

From there, use those gains to challenge yourself to chase down whatever goals you have for yourself.

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