How Many Reps Do You Need to Gain Muscle?

I’ve been browsing the latest news in the health and fitness world.  The one thing that popped up a few times is the evolving science of muscle gains, better known as hypertrophy.

And the man leading the charge seems to be researcher Dr. Brad Schoenfeld, whose research reveals that reps don’t matter as much as we once thought regarding stimulating muscle growth.

As long as you match effort and volume, you will see similar gains in muscle mass. 

This is different from the old-school paradigm shown below that’s gained further ground by observing the routine of those with the biggest guns in the gym.

If you’re into muscle science, you can read the full article here.

Or, if you want to cut right to the chase, Schoenfeld says:

With respect to hypertrophy, the compelling body of literature indicates that similar whole muscle growth (i.e., muscle thickness, CSA) can be achieved across a wide spectrum of loading ranges ≥ ~30% 1RM. These findings are independent of age and training status. Thus, as a matter of principle, there is no ideal “hypertrophy zone.”

So train how you like. If you’re working close to failure, you’ll encourage your muscles to grow. And that can be done with resistance bands, free weights, machines, or a gallon milk jug.

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