What is Crossover Symmetry and How Does It Work?

What is Crossover Symmetry and How Does It Work?


Crossover Symmetry uses a combination of resistance bands and specialized training to build better shoulders. 

We call it new shoulders in a box because everything you need to change how your shoulders feel and move will come kitted together and delivered to your door.

We've been told to "niche down" or find a "target market," but there is a world of people with arms, and they all use them for different reasons.

How do we possibly decide who needs the most shoulder love? 

We've had the opportunity to help super elite athletes who push themselves in the arena everyday, but also active people who want to keep kicking butt and doing what they love until their final day on earth.

Then there is also the police, fire, and military who demand a lot from their body as part of their jobs, and youth athletes who need help starting a training program.  And the physical therapy and medical professionals who need tools to help people past pain.  

From ending a nagging injury or taking your performance to another level, Crossover Symmetry will be your friend for a lifetime.

1.1. The Equipment: The Best Resistance Bands

When it comes to exercise equipment that's easy and portable, there are few things more versatile than a good set of resistance bands.

Dumbbells and free weights are heavy and hard to transport. Plus, the resistance only works against gravity, so you must lie facedown or work your body into awkward positions to work specific muscles.

You can do bodyweight movements anywhere, but targeting specific muscle groups is challenging. And then exercise machines cost thousands of dollars and are only suitable wherever you put them.

1.1.1. What makes the Crossover Cords so good?

With our programs and goals in mind, resistance bands are the perfect workout tool, and trying to hack the programs with other devices won't get the same results.

They're super portable, lightweight, and relatively inexpensive, but most importantly, they fit exactly to our program.  That means you know exactly what resistance to use for which exercise for your strength level.

The trouble that resistance bands face is that they can break. This is a bummer for your investment, and a broken band flying at your face is risky. Thousands of resistance band injuries happen every year, many of them causing long-lasting eye damage and even blindness, plus cuts and lacerations, and of course, some embarrassment if your gym fail happens in public.

Our solution is simple—add a safety sleeve around the band.

Crossover Symmetry Band

If the rubber resistance does break, the sleeve will keep you protected. The safety sleeve also protects the band from UV rays, abrasions, cuts, and other things that cause it to fail prematurely.

Plus, we warranty all of our equipment for years, so if anything happens to break, complete the simple online form for a hassle-free replacement.  

But, we don't expect you'll need it. Most teams and gyms have been using our bands for over five years and are still in good shape.

1.1.2. Attachments for your Crossover Cords

Your Crossover Cords need to be a sturdy attachment to clip the bands.

For that, we've got you covered with three attachment choices.

You can click each option to watch the setup video to choose the best one: 

Crossover Symmetry Squat Rack Straps
Crossover Symmetry Wall Anchors
Crossover Symmetry Door Belts

Each Shoulder System comes with the choice of attachment, and then choose more if you need them.

1.1.3. Accessories for Crossover Symmetry

To help make the program easier, we've also added a few accessories to our kits to make them easier to use.

That includes a backpack to keep and carry your bands, master carabiners to manage the setup and use of multiple bands, and a sturdy training guide and workout chart to refer to when needed.

These may seem like simple things, but they add up to make reaching your goals easier.

Crossover Symmetry Workout Chart

1.2 The Crossover Symmetry Programs: 5 workouts to meet your goals

There is no limit to what you can do with the Crossover Symmetry Cords.  

With the Crossover Cords, you can work out your chest, arms, back, and core with exercises provided by your favorite program or exercise instructor. We also show you plenty of exercises to try on our social and training platforms.

However, the heart of Crossover Symmetry is our Training Programs.

The Crossover Symmetry Shoulder System provides five different exercise sets designed with varying goals in mind. Each program is a superset of exercises (complete one exercise and then go to the next,) so the movements link together in a specific order to provide a balanced and complete workout.

Could we add more? You bet! But that adds to the time to get it done.  

The Crossover Symmetry programs have efficiency in mind. We've created each program to help you get the most out of your workout without wasting any time and get maximum results in less than 5-minutes.

1.2.1 Activation

When most people talk about the Crossover Symmetry program, they mean Activation. But what is Activation, really? 

We like to describe it as coffee for your shoulders.  

It's the first phase of the Crossover System that will get your muscles firing. In other words, Activation is all about getting your body working. 

It's not like a typical workout plan aimed to beat your body into submission. Instead, it gets your brain firing all the critical muscles for your shoulders to perform as designed.

Will you get big and beefy doing Activation? No, not really—that's not the goal of the program.  

We're targeting better posture, improved shoulder mobility, and fixing achy shoulders. Then, with a body ready to perform, you can take on the heavier stuff or whatever training fits your fancy.

The key advantage is that it's an easy way to get your workout rolling.

For most Crossover Symmetry users, Activation fits into their workout plan as an easy-to-follow warm-up. After sitting around all day, it's the perfect recipe to get your shoulders moving and get straight into your workout.

You'll immediately notice a better range of motion, and many people say it flips a switch mentally to put them in workout mode.

Although, It's not just a warm-up.  

Many will do Activation as part of their morning routine or throughout the day after being at their desk.

It's a small dose of movement that will make you feel better but adds up over days, months, and years to keep you healthy and active for a lifetime.

1.2.2 Activation+

Once you have Activation mastered, then take the challenge to do Activation+.

Activation+ is a bit spicier and uses plyometrics as part of the routine. Plyometrics are quick and explosive movements and are great for building performance.  

It's a great way to challenge yourself to move with speed and stability if you need that for your sport.

1.2.3 Recovery

Recovery is perfect for tough training days or when your shoulders feel beat up. 

The Recovery Plan uses eccentric exercises to help stretch the muscle and increase blood flow. 

It's a go-to for pitchers and weightlifters, and gets used plenty as part of our shoulder rehab plan.

1.2.4 Strength

The Strength program is designed to challenge your strength and endurance. Unlike the previous 3 programs that should have you feeling juiced and ready, the Strength program is supposed to be a challenge superset that leaves you feeling fatigued.

We recommend that you do Strength 2-3x per week after your workouts to finish the training session with a final emphasis on building stability. It hones in on the smaller stabilizers that are often undertraining and will put you on the path to pain-free performance.

1.2.5 Mobility

Building stronger shoulders is a good start if you feel tight. But there is also a place for stretching, especially to improve your ability to extend and rotate your upper spine. The Crossover Mobility Program will help you fix it with a customized program built specifically for your limitations.

First, the mobility program will walk you through an assessment of your range of motion and then prescribes stretches and movements to help you tackle those limitations. Just a few minutes of stretching and moving around can make a difference, and we'll show you precisely what you need to work on.

1.3 The Training: You Become the Expert

With the Crossover Symmetry, you'll become the expert in building better shoulders. The Training Zone will walk you through every step of the program and cover the details of each movement.

The Training Zone also provides comprehensive rehab programs that will walk you through the steps of the rehab process for shoulder pain. The rehab starts with a Red Flag Screen to evaluate your shoulder pain, advice on what movements you should avoid, a day-by-day rehab program, plus strength moves to keep your workout plan on track during rehab.

If your shoulders feel great, then pick up any of our performance plans, where we'll show you how to fit Crossover Symmetry equipment into your workout program.

1.4 How to Start?

If you’re looking for a comprehensive program to improve your pain and performance, look no further than Crossover Symmetry.

With quality equipment, programs to follow, and world-class training available, you can trust that this system will get you where you want to be.

Head to the shop page now and get started on your journey to building better shoulders.

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