The Simple Words That Changed My Life

Sometimes we get stuck in life and need some motivation.

I remember feeling this way 8-years ago after my first child’s birth.  

My wife and I were adjusting after our family leave and trying to pick things back up after time off.  We were tired, plus the new stress on our plate made it hard to get things in gear.

At the same time, this commencement speech was delivered at the University of Texas and changed my life forever.

You can watch the whole thing at the link above, but please watch this because it’s what I believe to be the best part.  

Things like fighting the sharks and respecting the “little guy” were good remarks, but making your bed every day stood out the most.

It’s an actionable item that rings true in life.

When you can’t get started, start with something small.  It’s the lowest barrier to entry, but what comes with it is a dopamine dump tied to the feeling of accomplishment.

You then find yourself a bit more motivated to do something more.

It’s one of the powerful effects of Crossover Symmetry that doesn’t get recognized.  

For the days when the struggle bus is driving you far away from the gym, start with Activation to get moving in the right direction.

It takes a bit of drive to get done, but just like making your bed, it’s a small barrier to entry, and the accomplishment leaves you with a bit more motivation to take the next step.

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