How the Most Successful Shoulder Program Ever Got Its Start

How the Most Successful Shoulder Program Ever Got Its Start

About fifteen years ago, Crossover Symmetry hit the market with a simple plan to build high-performance shoulders. But to us, it’s a whole lot more than that!

We want to empower athletes. We want a massive squad of people uninhibited by pain and chasing down their life goals. And we’re thankful to have you along for the ride.

But if you would like to know the full story, stick around for a little while…

It all started with a college baseball player at the University of Washington who had a dream to play in the Big Leagues.

As a self-professed undersized first-baseman, he knew his best shot at a pro-career was pitching. He enlisted his dad’s help, a respected physical therapist with a shoulder specialty. Together, they designed a shoulder program that got a fully grown collegiate athlete, who was topping out at 85, to touch 92.

Ask him what a 7 mph increase fees like, and he’ll tell you…

“My arm felt like a cannon.”

And while it didn’t carry him to retirement, he got a paycheck to play baseball, along with a super helpful tool for building better shoulders, and he ran with it.

At first, dealing out of his car at baseball tournaments, then to hustling out of an office (but breaking for Colorado powder days,) the company has grown through new training programs and markets, a lot of teamwork, and a bit of luck…

but most importantly, a program that is so damn effective!

As an athlete, you demand a lot from your body—we’re proud to help you protect it from pain and strengthen it to meet your goals.

And, for fun, here’s a throwback to our younger years 🔥🔥🔥


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