Handy Charts That I Use On The Regular

Einstein once said, “Never memorize something you can look up.”

Here, I’m going to help free up some of your brain power with helpful resources for your health and fitness. Many of these tables I use on the regular and others I’ve got on hand for quick reference.

Save these references on your phone and then mark them as a favorite in your images, or save them in an image file for easy locating later.

One Rep Max Calculator

I use this chart regularly for both my coaching and my own training. It’s not an exact science so you’ll find your numbers stray a bit based on the lift and how you feel that day, but it will give you a good ballpark on getting the stimulus you’re looking for.

Ref: https://exrx.net/Calculators/OneRepMax

Aerobic Conversion Chart

Need to modify a workout for weather, an injury, or just don’t have the right equipment? Go here to print this conversion chart out and stick it to your gym wall for you or your classes.

Tissue Healing Times

Dealing with an injury can be stressful, especially if you don’t know what to expect. Here is a helpful resource if you’re working through some pain and want to know how long it will take. Be sure you’re doing everything to support the recovery process along the way.

Grilling Guide

One of the secrets to living a healthy life is learning how to cook a quality meal. But it’s more than just knowing about nutrition, it needs to taste good so that you and your family will enjoy it. Weber connected me with their grilling guides when I purchased a gas grill I purchased years ago, and I probably reference it 3x per week.

Check them out here: https://www.weber.com/SG/en/cooking-chart/weber-426225.html


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