Deep Cuts for Fitness Professionals

If you look around our blog, you will find a good amount of info on training and dealing with pain issues. 

But who’s got time for that?

In this week’s movement, I’ll highlight just a few of those articles and some pieces of info that I’m glad to have in my brain (or at least know where to locate it.)

If these teasers get you curious, I’ll link to the full article as well.

Ottawa Ankle Rules

I’ve run into a few ankle sprains over the years, and in trying to help, one of the questions is usually, “Should I get an x-ray?”

You can be ready to tackle an ankle sprain with the Coach’s Guide to Ankle Sprains, but my response is: 

If you’re worried, then yes, but according to the Ottawa Ankle Rules, you need an x-ray if:

  • You cannot bear weight,
  • pain in the highlighted areas:

(Ref: Approaching Foot and Ankle Injuries in the Ambulatory Setting)

Kegel Exercises

I never purposefully did a Kegel in my first 35 years of life, but I wrote this Pelvic Floor Guide with the help of some experts after getting questions from my wife as she recovered from childbirth.

I realized that it’s essential information for every health and fitness professional but usually not taught in any class or certification.

The best cue I found for the Kegel came from a TED Talk on the pelvic floor. She said…

“I want you to imagine you’re walking into really cold water. As the icy cold water gets higher up your thighs, I want you to try to lift your most sensitive bits”.

External cues are most effective and this is a good one for a muscle group that’s hard to connect with.

Pitch Counts

If you have young baseball players or coach them, then the new pitch count recommendations from ArmCare need to be on your radar.

I could pull several knowledge bombs from the guide, but you need to read the whole thing for it to all make sense. 

Here you can download the Pitch Strong Guide.


Graham’s Movement Wheel

I’m always pulling great training stuff from Meghan Phillips (IG: @megphil_fit), but I especially enjoyed working with her on this training guide for kids.

One of the things she introduced me to was Graham’s Movement Wheel that I like to use for ideas when building obstacle courses for my kids.

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