A Day for Do-Overs

A Day for Do-Overs

Odds are you’ve probably lost steam on your 2020 resolutions. According to Strava the fateful day is around January 12th when we fall off track.

We all run into it, “The day after perfect.”

This phrase was coined in Jon Acuff’s book Finish, subtitled Give Yourself the Gift of Done.

In his writing, Acuff basically walks through the process of goal setting and covers strategies to attack them. One of his most important themes is that it’s still worth it, even if it’s not perfect.

That’s because we’re rarely perfect. It’s such a guarantee that the book states the most important day on a new mission isn’t the day it starts, or even the day it’s finished, but the day after falling off track.

I’ve got a friend who started our 30-Day Shoulder Fix so he could get back to surfing pain-free. He started seeing great results after a few weeks but then missed a few days because of work and hasn’t picked it back up again.

I believe we would all say to him, “Dude! Get going again.”

Which I will say to you as well. January 19, 2020, isn’t a monumental day to mark the beginning of anything, except it’s a great day to restart what you began.

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