The Ultimate Guide to Shoulder Pain

The Ultimate Guide to Shoulder Pain

shoulder pain rehab

This guide is the perfect resource for anyone who struggles with shoulder pain and wants to learn how to fix it on their own. It's also a necessary tool for the coach or fitness trainer who works with people that deal with shoulder pain.

The Ultimate Guide to Shoulder Pain Rehab creates a better understanding of the causes of shoulder pain and lays out a strategy to get past it.

 About the Ultimate Guide to Shoulder Pain Rehab

You don't need an advanced medical degree to understand why your shoulder hurts and what you need to do to fix it. If you struggle with shoulder pain, there is a good chance you can successfully improve how your shoulders feel and move with this plan of attack (even pain that's bothered you for years, and that's without drugs or surgery!)

The Ultimate Guide to Shoulder Pain Rehab is based on medical principles and will apply tactics used by physical therapists everywhere. However, it's essential to understand, every condition is different, and some may need to get more advanced medical help for their shoulder problem (which you will determine with a self-screen as part of this guide.) Regardless, this guide will allow you to become more active in managing your health, which is vital in correcting the issue.

What You Will Learn

The Build- An understanding of the shoulder makeup will help you understand where the trouble lies and what you need to do to fix it. Anatomy and movement can be complicated, but we will break it down into simple pieces and avoid medical terms to keep things clear.

The Breakdown- There are a few key places that shoulder pain often occurs. This will answer the questions of how and why behind shoulder pain.   

The Fix: With a better understanding of the shoulder and its pain points, you're now ready to set up a corrective plan to fix it. If you can build a plan and make it happen, you will be on the road to success.

We've organized the plan with this blueprint in mind, and each layer should provide a deeper understanding of the ultimate goal– to end shoulder pain. The guide is set up for easy navigation to jump around, but if you're unsure about your pain issue, we recommend that you go through the chapters in order.

The body can be complex, especially when it comes to pain, so take your time on each step to read and study the material. It may take a few read-throughs for things to set in.  

Now... Let's Get Started

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