Hard Truths About Pain & Injury

Hard Truths About Pain & Injury

In the quest to end your pain, or fix an injury issue, there will be frustrating hurdles to pass.

Understand these truths for better success during the rehab process.

Ownership to Fix the Problem Lies With You

While doctors, therapists, and trainers play vital roles, ultimately, it's up to you to take responsibility for your recovery. Navigating treatment plans, understanding your body's needs and limitations, and making necessary lifestyle adjustments is essential to your success.

There is No Magic Cure

In the search for a quick fix, it's important to remember that injuries need time to heal. Expecting instant results can lead to further complications and setbacks.

Your Injury Needs Rest But That Doesn't Mean Do Nothing

Relative rest involves modifying one's usual level of physical activity to allow the body to heal without aggravating the condition further. It's critical because movement is part of the healing process, and at the very least, it provides a distraction while the body does its job.

The Extent of Your Pain is Not Dictated by The Presence or Degree of Damage

Pain does NOT mean damage!  Pain is a complex and subjective sensation influenced by various factors. Understanding this distinction can help manage expectations during rehabilitation and prevent unnecessary worry or frustration.

Healing is Seldom Linear—Expect Setbacks to Occur

Healing rarely follows a straight path. Whether it's a temporary increase in pain, a plateau in progress, or unexpected challenges, setbacks are a natural part of the healing process and don't mean you're back at square one.

Some Problems May Never Be Fully "Fixed" But Will Continue to Improve With Ongoing Work

By engaging in appropriate exercises, therapies, and lifestyle modifications, you can progress and enhance your quality of life, even if you're dealing with a chronic or long-term condition. Besides, who sets the value of perfect? You may need to limit specific exercises (like snatches or bench presses) but still live your best life.

Ask For Help

For more on injury rehab, and how Crossover Symmetry can fit into your plan for all types of shoulder pain, read: The Approach to Shoulder Pain.

If you need help along the way, reach out to us at support@crossoversymmetry.com.

“Acceptance doesn't mean resignation; it means understanding that something is what it is and that there's got to be a way through it.”

-Michael J. Fox

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