Does the Hip and Core Program Help Solve Hip Issues?

Does the Hip and Core Program Help Solve Hip Issues?

It would only make sense that a hip and core program would be the answer to hip issues.  Yet, as many have noticed, the Hip Halo doesn’t offer a specific corrective program for hip pain.

There is one for knee pain and back pain…but nothing for the hip!

…what gives?

The reason is due to the varying nature of hip pain.  Sometimes it’s necessary to avoid overloading certain irritated tissues.

Since many of the exercises of the Hip & Core program target the hip muscles, in conditions such as hip bursitis or a gluteus tendinitis, performing the program too early can actually make symptoms a bit worse. While the long term fix for these issues is to improve hip and core strength, it’s only after an appropriate period of rest and mobilization.

In regards to other common causes of hip pain (hip impingement, arthritis, and labral tears), the Hip & Core program is a great corrective approach to start early in the treatment plan.

It is our goal at Crossover Symmetry to provide simple at home solutions to end pain and reduce the risk of injury. We are very careful in prescribing our programs for specific conditions that may exacerbate the symptoms.

We are currently working with our medical team to develop extra screening and programming to help guide the implementation of the Hip & Core program for those suffering from hip pain.

However, if you are currently looking for a solution to hip issues, don’t be scared of giving the Hip & Core program a try!

At worse it generates a bit of discomfort, an indicator that you should back off the program for the time being.  In that case, put it away until you’re ready to focus on strengthening, because that time will come!

Our hope is that you find a simple solution to address your pain, and to keep it from returning!

If you’re still wondering if the CS Hip & Core System is right for you, watch the Red Flag Screen videos below. This will help determine if you’re ready for an at-home treatment plan, or if your pain requires more advanced medical assessment.

And as always, please reach out to us if you have any questions at

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