Are Clicking Noises In Your Shoulder Bad?

Are Clicking Noises In Your Shoulder Bad?

Does your shoulder pop or click with movement?

We receive many questions from people worried about their creaky shoulders, such as:

  • What’s causing the noise?
  • Can I use my shoulder when it’s clicking?
  • Is it causing damage?
  • How do I make these sounds stop?

While these sounds can be concerning, but rest assured that these sounds are common even among health shoulders, and they shouldn’t be a cause for worry.  

Are Creaky Shoulders Bad?

When people hear clicking or popping noises coming from their shoulder joint, they often assume there must be something wrong with the structure of their bones, joints or tendons. 

But you don’t need to worry!  These sounds known as “crepitus” are completely normal as long at it’s not accompanied by pain or odd sensations such as “catching” or “clunking.”

The clicking or popping noise is typically caused by tendons gliding over the surface of a joint as it moves through its range of motion. The structural groove in which the tendon resides can cause a snapping sensation when the tendon moves quickly, resulting in a clicking or popping sound. 

The sounds may also be due to a collection of gas bubbles within the joint.  Again, another harmless thing that occurs in the body, as benign as cracking your knuckles.

What’s the cause?

Strength training is a common cause of these first-time shoulder clicks.

As your muscles grow stronger, it can change how the tendons run through their grooves.  Or, following a hard workout, there may be an increase in muscle stiffness that can cause the shoulder to move differently as well.

Shoulder clicking may also be a result of daily activities.  For example, sitting in one position for an extended period of time, like a 4-hour flight, will affect how your muscles behave.  Some muscles will become short and tight, while others become lengthened. Again, these changes alter shoulder movement.

Even a millimeter difference can impact where the muscles sit and how the tendons glide within the shoulder.  The popping noise is your shoulder’s response to this change.

How to Fix Your Creaky Shoulder

While the actual clicking sound is not considered dangerous to your health, it may be indicative of a stiff shoulder that needs some lubrication.  There are steps you can take to reduce its occurrence and potentially improve overall shoulder strength and mobility while you’re at it. 

The best way to lessen or stop the clicking is to strengthen your shoulders throughout their full range of motion.  By improving this capacity, you’ll gain better mobility and movement that can lead to decrease stiffness.

Try doing Crossover Symmetry for one month and see how your shoulders improve.  You’ll likely notice less stiffness and the sounds of your aging joints will likely diminish.

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