The Mobility Sac is made of high-grade neoprene that is both durable and machine washable. Inside the neoprene tube are 2 massage balls that can be used as a single unit, like a peanut, or individually to precisely pinpoint & isolate individual or symmetrical points on muscles.


The Mobility Sac was designed to eliminate adhesions, commonly referred to as knots, which occur within the muscles causing restrictions in movement. The protocol can be used before warm-up, as part of recovery, or for maintenance to improve flexibility and optimize performance.

The Mobility Sac is the primary tool for the Crossover Symmetry Mobility Program addressing movement restrictions. The Crossover Mobility Program was designed as a road map to find adhesions and eliminate movement restrictions. Crossover Mobility is ideally completed as part of the warm-up prior to performing the Crossover Symmetry Activation Program. Several studies indicate self-myofascial release improves range of motion and myofibril alignment, which enhances subsequent muscle activation. Additionally, when used post workout, it aids in recovery by promoting waste byproduct removal and release of muscle tension.

While using the Crossover Symmetry Mobility Sac you may find areas that are particularly tight, suggesting an adhesion exists, often indicated by discomfort or pain. It is important to release these restrictions to restore normal blood flow and improve movement. Begin by applying pressure on the indicated area, continuing to maintain this pressure while following the prescribed movement path. If you locate an area of discomfort, stop and apply additional pressure while using the recommend movement for that area. Continue this until discomfort decreases, typically occurring within 60 – 90 seconds. Remember the goal of this program is to restore mobility and maintain healthy muscles, not test an individual’s pain tolerance!