Are You Prepared For The Season?

Are we able to predict arm injuries before they occur? Turns out, we might be able to. A 5-year MLB Study concluded that Preseason weakness of External Rotation and Supraspinatus strength is a predictor of in-season throwing-related injury.

Get Tommy John Velo Gains Without Surgery

“30% of coaches, 51% of players, and 37% of parents believe Tommy John surgery should be performed in the absence of elbow injury to enhance performance” (Ahmad, et al.)

But you can actually get all the same gains faster by doing this instead.

The New Prescription for Arm Care

The power of arm care is incredibly understated simply because it’s done so poorly. An effective system doesn’t just “loosen up” the arm before games, but rather it should be a daily ritual of repair, development, and maintenance around the entire shoulder complex.