Throw Harder Through Science

Build foundational strength and power by combining
4 scientifically proven ways to increase velocity.

Proven Velocity Gains in Only 10 Weeks

BASE VELO combines 4 foundational training methods for velocity development


What Is Base Velo

Baseball Specific Strength Program

Periodized weight training program with phases designed to increase size, strength, and power.

Medicine Ball Training

Develop explosive rotational power and core stability. 

Daily Arm Care

Keep your arm in top condition as you train so you can push harder.

Progressive Throwing Program

Gradually increase throwing volume and intensity to build arm strength and endurance.

A quick glimpse of Base Velo

“Commit to BASE VELO for 10 weeks and have the best season of your life”

FAQ – Base Velo

Is this for both position players and pitchers?

Absolutely.  Every player on the field needs a strong arm.  This program will also benefit your speed and hitting too. 

Do you need to know how to lift weights?

Not at all.  BASE VELO provides instructional videos for every exercise and will help you decide how much to lift.

What equipment do I need?
The Crossover Symmetry Bundle (arm care system + hip and core) will provide the necessary equipment, and everything else will be found in your standard weight room setup.
Is it only for a preseason training program?

BASE Velo is perfect for the preseason but you can also use it to prepare for a fall showcase, or as a great off-season option to take the place of summer ball.

We will also show you how to fit the pieces of the program into your season.

Can I add other things to BASE Velo?
You bet.  Feel free to add other exercises or drills to the program.  Although we designed this specifically for baseball players, adding other non-sport specific exercises could interfere with the results you get.
Does Base VELO include weighted balls?

Weighted balls are an effective way to increase velocity but require careful programming and need a base of strength to get the most out of this type of training. 

BASE Velo is a perfect program to get you ready and maximize the results from a weighted ball program.

We recommend completing the Base VELO program to establish a strong foundation before pursuing weighted ball training.  Many players even find that BASE Velo is the magic ticket to velocity enhancement and don’t need anything else.


Last fall, 36 players enrolled in Cannon Arm Training. The program included 4 training sessions per week, with the primary goal to increase velocity. After 8-weeks the average increase in velocity was 5.36 MPH.

Tyler Shepple, former professional pitcher and owner of Cannon Arm Training says,

“There are several ways to increase throwing velocity, but for me it’s all about risk vs. reward.  In our program, we focus on building a strong foundation and maximizing the lower risk components of velocity development.

We dedicated time at the beginning and end of every practice to ensure players were properly coached through a warm-up and strengthening. This foundation set them up to push their work in the progressive throwing program.”  

In talking about the keys to the success of this program, Shepple said:

“The group increased their average velocity by 5.4 mph, and their top velocity increased by 5.3 mph. Throwing was key, but we also took the warm-up and strength work very serious. We counted the tempo for each rep when doing Crossover Symmetry to make sure it was done well. This dedication to strengthening is what improved the player’s physical capacity to make huge velocity gains. Doing things like Crossover Symmetry is essential to me to improving velocity, but this is also how I’m keeping my players healthy.”

We’re excited to be a part of a thriving program like Cannon Arm Training, who are using their knowledge and expertise to build future big leaguers.