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Team Package


The CS TEAM package is a smart solution for implementation with an entire team prior to or following training or competition. It features the new Crossover Symmetry Gen3 System and five easy-to-follow programs for shoulder Activation, Activation+, Recovery, Strength and Mobility.

Available in 3 resistance packages:

  • Novice (Ages 8 to 13)
  • Athletic (High School Athletes)
  • Elite (College and Pro)


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Min Order is 4 Stations

Product Description

The team package is a cost-saving solution for professional, collegiate, high school and competitive teams. Four or more stations allow coaches to take their team through the Crossover Symmetry programs in a time efficient manner.

Team package contents (1 station):
• Training Guide (hardcopy)
• Access to online Training Zone
• Aluminum Exercise Chart
• 4 Crossover Cords (2 pairs)
• CS Mobility Sac
• Drawstring Backpack


Each team station includes 2 sets of Crossover Cords: a heavy set and a light set. We have pre-selected these resistances levels based on the strength of the individual and the known strength ratios of larger and smaller muscle groups/movement patterns.


The Novice Package is recommended for: Athletes new to exercise or rehabbing an injury.

  • Male: Ages 8-13
  • Female: Ages 8-16


The Athletic Package is recommended for: Most athletes.

  • Male: High school athletes, competitive fitness
  • Female: Advanced high school & college athletes, competitive & elite fitness


The Elite Package is recommended for: Elite athletes.

  • Male: College & Pro athletes, elite fitness
  • Female: Recommended only if athlete has experience using the system & has extremely strong shoulders


After 10 years of testing and improving Crossover Symmetry, we know that nearly every person who implements Crossover sees significant results. If after 30 days, you are not seeing the results that you expected or just do not want the package –Simply return the system for a no-hassle refund.


Every package includes all 5 programs that target different aspects of your shoulder performance. These programs will improve posture, scapular stability and rotator cuff function but best of all they can be completed in 5 minutes anywhere. 

The Activation program is a dynamic warm up for your shoulders & should be use daily prior to your activity.

  • Enhances neuromuscular firing and timing of the rotator cuff and scapular muscles
  • Improves posture and reduces risk of shoulder impingement
  • Exercises are sequenced to activate the  muscles of the shoulder complex in a  specific order


Activation+ will supercharge your warmup by combining the traditional Activation Program with Plyometrics.

  • Starts with the traditional Activation program to prime the correct muscles
  • Finishes with 4 plyometric reps to improve speed and timing under load
  • Targets both fast and slow twitch muscle fibers for greater response


The Active Recovery program utilizes eccentric contractions to place the muscle-tendon unit under a tensile lengthening load to improve tendon health

  • Flushes the waste by-products out of the muscles
  • Delivers nutrients by increasing targeted blood flow
  • Strengthens tendons through eccentric contractions


The Strength program is an intense workout targeting the key scapular muscles that stabilize the scapula (the foundation of the shoulder) through movement.

  • Strengthens synergistic muscles that upwardly rotate the scapula
  • Improves posture
  • Enhances energy transfer through the shoulder complex


The Mobility Program uses the Mobility Sac to improve range of motion and myofibril alignment through myofascial release.

  • Increases range of motion
  • Improves blood flow and nutrient delivery


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Additional Information

Resistance Options

Novice, Athletic, Elite

Number of Team Stations

4 Stations Minimum Order $145 each